The idea of creating an Italian Scientific Society of Rehabilitation and Posturology of the Sports and Italian Journal Sports Rehabilitation and Posturology in English, with an international outlook, will allow us to establish a scientific exchange with health professionals who deal with sport all over the world.
This is a very interesting aspect of our study. It will enable us to widen the sphere of our professional experiences, both the theoretical and the practical ones, and to enter into relations with different scientific circles.
The written and the oral exchange of information is the source and the essence of knowledge and it allows us to have an ethical, serious, professional communication whose content is validated by the International Scientific Literature.Our editorial purpose in Italy is to encourage studies and researches, not only in Universities, but also in sports in order to avoid the empiricism that for years has understimated the Rehabilitative Science applied to Sport.

Italian Journal of Sports Rehabilitation and Posturology is the official, peer-reviewed Journal of Italian Scientific Society of Rehabilitation and Posturology of the Sports . Ita. J. Sports. Reh. Po. is a Open Access Journal,(AOJ) that publishes, Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Clinical Studies, Editorials in all areas of Sports Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Sports Traumatology, (including Injury Epidemiology ,Injury Prevention and Injury Management.), Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition, Sports Biomechanics and Kinesiology .

Rosario D’Onofrio
Presidente SIRIPOS and Editor in Chief Ita J.Sports Reh Po

ISSN: 2385-1988 [online]
IBSN: 007-111-19-55
Open Access


  • Physical Education
  • Sports Science
  • All Games and Sports
  • Sports Psychology
  • Meditation & Yogic Science
  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sports Injuries and Prevention
  • Philosophy of Sport
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